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The best business is a clever business. And to exploit all its resources and set the efficiency to the maximum level we propagate Data-Driven which consists of 3 main steps:

  • Data Mining : setting the effective automatic way of useful data collection and storing.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization : dashboarding your business for you to find all the bottlenecks in the existing processes.
  • Predictive analysis : alternative option when we forecast future influencers on the existing process and create an automated decision support tool.

We've successfully integrated the mentioned techniques into various Industries:

  • Retail Stores: Solution for automation of the up/down/cross-selling, based on the online purchases transactional data analysis and Points Of Sale performance analysis automation, based on the real-time data collection.
  • Banks: Customers reactivation, based on the statistical model of bank transactions
  • Marketing Agencies: Targeted marketing campaigns, based on the automated interests profiling from the Social Networks data
  • eCommerce: Automatic product pricing solution, based on the natural language processing of the customers' requests.


Not unlike Nostradamus, will your tailored app make predictions on risks and opportunities. And not unlike your good friend, will it advise on several ways-out. Except, in our case, these will be based on deep analysis of historical data of myriads of transactions, and machine learning. Exploiting big data and predictive analysis, your tailored system may become a useful decision-making supporter, be your enterprise about any of the following:

  • an instant bicycle rent, with need to predict the rent spots locations and number of vehicles at each;
  • a nationwide food delivery startup with need to predict the orders to optimize the supply chain;
  • sports health science organization that predicts the probabilities of diseases based on the medical tests results. Or anything else...
Talk to us, and we will create a prediction tool for your business too!



Sports hardware is everywhere. And amateur sportsmen are overwhelmed with a selection of data analyzing and training-planning software. At the same time many professional teams still need to rely purely on empirical experience of their coaches.

For the needs of national teams, we participate in development of sports data decision-making systems:

  • Cycling, tennis, biathlon: after-training lab tests, and during-training measuring through power meters, heart rate meters and other motion gauging devices produce tons of data that should not be ignored. We visualize these, and set up predictive analysis algorithms to assist coaches to make informed decisions.
  • Rowing(with Belarusian Rowing Federation): we use action cameras and ordinary smartphones with accelerometers to track real-time feedback on boat, stroke rate, speed. Besides visualized report on the collected data, the system is itself to provide improvement suggestions on athletes'technique.

And for the athletes' needs
- we build up athlete injury prediction and prevention system;
- our own start-up, that gives money incentive for people to stand up and go jogging.

Front-ends are always complemented with complex back-ends to perform sophisticated calculations and fulfill data processing logics, providing the maximum level of system automatizaton and scalable for thousands of end users operating simultaneously.

If you're same enthusiastic about pushing human body boundaries, and feel that IT may help - let us know, and let's makes something great together.



Just imagine: there are only 4 night hours that pass between an order is placed, good is produced and placed to a warehouse and the good is delivered to a customer's house.
Also imagine: there are thousands of concurrent orders made every day; 2 dozen goods in assortment, and 2 cities to be delivered to and covered.
And, finally, imagine that it is going to be a growing startup unable to afford more than 20 people on the staff.
If we solved the supply chain challenge above, and yours is simpler, share with us and we'll be able to create an automated problem solver software for you too!



Market forecasts that by 2019 half of colleges worldwide will either expand to or completely focus on e-learning systems.

Appreciating upcoming future, we've participated and are participating in the number of projects:

  • Tutorship marketplace with smart student-tutor matching and virtual educational tools.
  • Connect-and-update mobile tooling for MGIMO campus students.
  • Lecture live Q&A tool for a student to get answered, while lecturer keeps talking uninterrupted.
  • Mobile language course.

If your aim is to improve learning through Big Data and the Internet - talk to us, and let's do it together.

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